Tyson Vandelft Owner of TYCON, Tyson does Renovations and Full House Remodels

Get to know us.

Tyson Vandelft, owner of TYCON Building Solutions, has been in the renovation business for over 10 years. From an early age, apprenticing under his father, Tyson was taught that while the difference between good and excellent is very small, he would know it when he saw it. 

Tyson has applied this standard of excellence to every task that he tackles, and has gained experience in nearly everything the construction industry has to offer, beginning in windows, doors, and exteriors, and moving into high-end renovations and full house remodels.

Tyson’s pride in his work is evident in every project and every detail. His work is efficient, but never at the expense of quality, and you will be impressed by the care that he takes with every aspect of your custom home project or renovation.

Heading up an experienced team with whom he has been working for over 8 years, Tyson is extremely proud of each and every member, and ensures that all of his trades live up to, or exceed the TYCON work ethic and detail oriented approach. He feels confident that you will be thrilled, not only with the end result, but with the building process every step of the way.

When he’s not working you can find Tyson on the water, on the ice, or spending time with his wife and new baby boy!