We get inside our customers’ kitchens.

At TYCON, we understand that your home truly is your castle. Your personal and private sanctuary. Your happy place in a hectic and harried world.

Tyson Vandelft

At the same time, we understand that your home is that special place raise your family, to cultivate rewarding and fulfilling community relationships and friendships, and to build enduring memories to last a lifetime.

As your experienced Fraser Valley contractor, partner and builder, we believe that getting to know you is the first important step in making this happen. Understanding your individual tastes, styles, and even unique and colourful personalities is of genuine importance to us, in order to best interpret and feel what it is you wish your dream space to be. That’s why, at TYCON, getting to know you is our “Job #1”, a foundation that we will build your entire project and experience on.


The sky’s no limit.

Tycon Personalized Building ServicesAt TYCON, we get genuinely excited about being part of new home and/or new home renovation dreams. It’s because we believe a home can truly be that showcase of your unique and varied talents, your tastes and character. An opportunity to share a little, or big, piece of all that ultimately makes you – You.  Kitchen Renovation, Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Langley

That’s why we make it easy. We understand the value of working “with” you. By providing creative resources and industry expertise and insights all along the way, we trust that your experience will be that much more rewarding and exciting.

Best of all, we never rush your creative process and personal timeline. Instead, we choose to be that ultimate inspirational design and collaborative creative partner, whose role is to build enthusiasm and confidence at each and every new turn.

With ready access to the latest in building materials and substrate technologies, as well as enjoying leading edge sub-contractor partner relationships, our emphasis is simply on making your dream come to full fruition and reality. We love what we do.


The devil’s in the details

Whether you’re undertaking a significant home renovation, or building your first ever private dream home, we understand that your journey is incredibly personal.

We are inspired by the creative and collaborative home building process and understand that it takes a whole lot of love on both your part, as well as that of the contractor and builder, to create something truly special, while making your ideas come to life.

In working with the multiple trades, designers, and support teams throughout the building process, we ensure that each team member understands our “devil’s in the details” approach. Materials and substrates often have unique and malleable characteristics and it takes experienced eyes, as well as skilled and seasoned hands, to ensure a first class and perfect fit for all conditions and applications.

No job is complete at TYCON until the final “white gloves” walk-throughs we do with all our clients. As we place the keys back in your hands and leave you to enjoy the wonderful and unique environments you’ve personally created and inspired, we look for that final smile of approval that says yes, we’ve truly nailed it once again!